Maoz Travel

תמונה של האתר ymaoz

Maoz travels headed by Yeftah Maoz, is a group of travel guides who build custom routes for their clients. From classical routes to theme or personally tailored routes.

As we worked on the site it was obvious we wanted to have strong colors and dynamic vibe to express the flexibility of the brand.The home page is built around answers to the question: why maoz? the letter Y in hebrew is why, so the play was fun and on board.

The Site is also an e-commerce one, where you can buy travel plans or private consultant for your trips.

GreenTops Portal

Web app for energy management for companies, built for Greentops energy.The app include dynamic charts and PDF reports that are sent automatically according to the clients requests.

Greentops Schools Project

Greentops and the Kfar-saba city schools environmental project. Each school has its own screen but there is also a competition between schools. So the app is both educational and use full in sustainability.

Porter Library

This web app was created for Greentops Energy, for the porter library at the university of Tel-aviv. The App allow to monitor the electricity consumption in the building, and get suggestions for improvements.

The App use dynamic charts that update according to changes in the consumption. The app is useful on big and small screens and devices.

The Civilian Movement

The Civilian Movement was born out of inspiration from the PODEMOS Spanish movement . And it strive to be a contrary force to mainstream Israeli civilian movements.

The site was built as part portal part news website. a site that will act as a hub to events regarding promoting the civic participation in Israeli society. It uses colors and dynamism to express the main two concepts of diversity and equality.


Rozy is a promotional site for a hair dresser. It is a one page site that reveal the services with scrolling.

Yozma Environmental Projects

Yozma creates environmental educational projects in Israeli education system. Headed by Roni Segoli Yozma connects the environmental issues to all aspects of Israeli life.

The website is built on wordpress

Maoz Tours Logo

The logo for Maoz tours was designed with one question in mind: Y maoz, when Y in hebrew is why! we also used it as a symbol for a bird of paradise or a plane, since we are dealing with travelling around the world.

Yozma Logo

Yozma is an environmental initiative that brings the green thought into the Israeli educational system. The logo went with green as the main color, and play with the letter Y (the way you write yozma in hebrew) as a growing tree.

The Civilian Movement Logo

Two concepts stands in the design of the civilian movement logo: equality and diversity. Those concepts find expression in the colors and their distribution on the horizontal line