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  • Flexbox – responsive layout

    Flexbox – responsive layout

    In recent years the demand for responsive web sites is on the raise naturally. Media queries are great for that, but we still layout with floats and positioning. Both at their core are not tools for structuring web pages. Frameworks like Bootstrap helped a lot, but they still use these tools behind the scenes. Now, that we have flexbox, with good browser support it is time to use it.So, let’s mock a web page with it.

  • Stylish User Details Interface

    Stylish User Details Interface

    Many times we need to present user details, and especially when there are a lot of users, like in a team, we need to give the details and yet to present it in a short way and obviously stylish one. In this tutorial we will build and style a user details interface usinf css custom animation and transitions.

  • Float to the left float to the right


    When the Internet was at its infant stage, sites was built with tables. That means the whole layout of the site was based on tables

  • Using custom fonts with @font-face


    One of the most limiting factors in web design is the fonts that are available to us.A lot of times we see the use of some graphis in order to present a text with our needed font

  • Zen coding – fast html and css


    Zen coding is a sort of a shortcut library for writing html and css, so when you write your code it is faster and more efficient. In addition it help with writing errors like closing tags and so on

  • Html5 and css3 drop down menu

    There are tons of tutorials about menus in general and drop down menus in particular, so why make a new one? Well recently i was surfing some forums and saw that a lot of people ask about that issue. i think this is a good enough reason