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Dynamic google map with multiple markers

Lately i need to use the google API to create maps with multiple markers. Obviously, the operation need to get the markers latitude and longitude from somewhere and i used database. Basically the process is easy: we create an ajax call and create the markers with a loop and then display them on a map.

Creating an ajax chart with Morris

Sometimes we need to display data in a visual way, for aesthetic reasons or readability ( not going into a long and boring data tables). Lately i used Morris Charts to display electricity consumption, and it is a very good library and verstile. In this tutorial i use it with an ajax call and make it all dynamic, let’s start.

Basic Ajax call with jquery

After i have learnt HTML and css i understood that i must learn also javascript. Well, i hated every minute and did whatever i could to not use it. Since i new flash and actionscript i preferred it on JS, and when i had no choice i preferred to make Dreanweaver write JS for me. I guess you can tell how much i disliked JS