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  • How to create a roles based query in wordpress

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    Wordpress is a really flexibile CMS, but it is not perfect and sometimes it is truly inefficiant. Lately i needed to create a query that bring back multiple users by roles. Now wordpress have a user query but it doesn’t allow you to pass an array of roles. So, let’s see a work around.

  • Creating an ajax chart with Morris

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    Sometimes we need to display data in a visual way, for aesthetic reasons or readability ( not going into a long and boring data tables). Lately i used Morris Charts to display electricity consumption, and it is a very good library and verstile. In this tutorial i use it with an ajax call and make it all dynamic, let’s start.

  • So you got the WordPress white death page?

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    One of the facts you will have to face at some point while working with wordpress is that you will get the blank white page, instead of your amazing stylezed site. first thing, relax. You have probably made something just before it happaned,installed a plugin or defined it. So, what to do? Good you asked.

  • Arrays 101


    Arrays are one of the most importat tools for any developer. It help to orgenize data from a simple to a complex structures. The most used styled arrays are indexical and associative arrays